PC to Phone

We offer 2 different options when using our high quality, low-rate PC to Phone service.

The first is our web-based dialer. Using the latest technology, you are able to make cheap phone calls through our web site, with no software to download. This is ideal when using a Public PC (e.g. Internet Cafes) where unable to download software on the Computer.

You can download free dialer to your own PC. This option provide same high quality calls as the web-based dialer.

Just signup with plugnet and make calls using both option, Subject to software requirement.


PLUGNET offers Device2Phone service using latest IP devices, such as the Cisco ATA. These low cost devices connect via internet connection to any Country (Landline & Mobiles). These are ideal for Call shops, Internet Cafes, Businesses and Home use. If you have device, we can configure it for you and connect it to our network. If you don't have device, ask us. Please contact us for your requirements or queries.

ANI Callback

ANI callback can be used from any phone in the world using your PLUGNET account! Simply login and authorize your phone number against your account, than call our access number. You will get a busy tone than you just hang up - you will not be charged for this call.

Our system will recognize the number you called from and match this to your account, then will call you back. When you answer, you will get a dial tone, where you enter the number you wish to connect. After a short wait, the second call is connected, answered and now you are connected to the remote party!

Web Callback

You can have a phone to phone conversation without needing pc for the duration of the call, using our web callback service. This is particularly useful when you want to have a conversation away from your pc, if you pay for your time online (dial-up services) or if your ISP has blocked the use of pc2phone services.

Simply go the callback page, login and enter the 2 phone numbers you want to join together to talk. Once the calls are in progress, you can turn off your PC, The same low rates are used for callback, as for our pc2phone service, but remember that as 2 calls are made, you will be billed for each call.

PC2PC / Device2Device (PLUGNET 2 PLUGNET)

You can now have a PLUGNET 2 PLUGNET conversation without paying of money. it's absolutely free just like SKYPE, YAHOO and MSN messengers. Easy to use this service like dialing telephone number and your call can be connected.

 Incoming Number

Now you can have incoming numbers (46 countries). You will pay only 25$ per month.


Calling Card

We offer lowest rate Calling Card through out world without any surcharge and hidden cost. No Expire date for this Calling Card. You can check your calling detail through e-mail support.



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